Children’s Dentistry

Protect your children’s teeth at an early age. To get them in the habit, brush your teeth with them every evening before bed. Have them come for regular checkups. Best of all, ask your doctor about sealants.


Child Cleaning

A Child Prophylaxis, also known as a cleaning, is a treatment performed to clean teeth and gums. It is an important step in stopping the progress of disease in your child’s mouth while they are in transitioning from their baby teeth to adult teeth.


Dental Sealant

Your child’s teeth usually have small cracks and grooves. It is often difficult for the bristle’s of the toothbrush to clean these areas. If left alone, these tiny areas can develop decay. A Dental Sealant is a thin coating, often white or colorless that bonds in the deep grooves to provide a smooth surface. By creating a barrier against food and bacteria, sealants help protect against decay.


Tooth Fillings

Tooth fillings can be a cause of apprehension for children. By providing a gentle care, we work to ease their discomfort and work toward educating our young patients to avoid further tooth decay and pain.


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